Inclusive Education (IE)

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We strive to cater to diverse needs of learners by ensuring that each learner gets equitable access to the learning curriculum. Learners with diverse learning needs are scaffolded through inclusive support in the classroom, remediation and inclusive access arrangements to facilitate their learning process as per the individual needs.

We have a competent team of Inclusive Educators who cater to students’ needs in all the four IB programmes, PYP, MYP, DP and CP. To avail the inclusive support and IB access arrangements for the assessments in the MYP, DP and CP, the learner needs to be formally assessed.

At Indus, one of the best IB schools in the country, our Inclusive Education Team is committed to bringing out the best in each child. The Inclusive Education Team goes by the motto, “All children can learn”.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our students come from diverse cultures, faiths and creeds. Our ESL teachers are all language teachers. Together, they help our students become confident in their English skills, which is the universal language used in the school. Students with limited English language receive a combination of ‘pull-out’ and ‘push-in’ learning support, depending on their level of proficiency.

The IISP ESL support programme promotes Academic English proficiency that will enable the integration of ESL students into the mainstream curriculum in no less than two years. ESL teachers work in active collaboration with homeroom and other specialist teachers to support them.

  • Students in PYP 1 (Grade 1) upto PYP 5 (Grade 5) will be offered ESL classes.
  • Students in PYP 1 (Grade 1) upto PYP 5 (Grade 5) will be offered ESL classes.
  • Students in PYP 1 (Grade 1) upto PYP 5 (Grade 5) will be offered ESL classes.
  • Students in IBDP 1&2 as well as IBCP 1&2 (Grade 11&12) will be offered English B and will receive additional English Language Support. In IBDP & IBCP our school also offers Thai & Korean as self-taught subject options.
  • It is important for Non English speaking students to have an acceptable level of exposure and knowledge in English, when seeking admission directly in our Board exam programs (MYP 4&5, IBDP 1&2 and IBCP 1&2).