School of Leadership

Indus School Of Leadership (ISL)

Indus School of Leadership (ISL) was set up in 2009 to cater to the leadership training needs of Indus school students. This unique institution was initiated with a grand vision of providing leadership education through experiential learning wherein students undergo transformative experiences through real-life situations and adventure. Over a decade, ISL emerged as a premium leadership training institute in India and has extended its expertise and experience to a wide range of audiences such as schools, colleges, and corporates. The ten-acre campus of ISL is located among the beautiful rocky hills and forests of Kanakpura on the outskirts of Bangalore (approx. 70 km from the city) where it provides the right combination of outdoor experience in a natural setting. The campus is equipped with a variety of training activities such as trekking, rock craft, obstacle courses, paintball, rope courses, zip line, wall climbing, shooting, wellness center, and many more.
The infrastructure also includes amphitheaters, reflection centers, conference rooms, a training hall, dining hall, infirmary and lush, concrete living accommodation. The ISL transport system provides a pick & drop facility for participants. The institution is self-sufficient in all aspects of functioning. The safety and security systems are fully programmed and equipped to handle any emergency. With the leadership education being the core of the curriculum at all Indus Schools, the training team strives to give the best training experience through challenging tasks, followed by deep reflection and concept-building exercises. Self-awareness and self-regulation form the key components of the training curriculum along with other leadership skills and knowledge such as purpose and vision, goal-setting, creativity and innovation, risk-taking, critical thinking,non-linear thinking, wellness, team building and collaboration, and entrepreneurship. Experiential learning at ISL provides immersive experiences that engage the individual as a whole – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The physical activities along with reflective discussion most importantly touch the heart and mind of the person to make the necessary impact and inspiration