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Mr. H. B. Jairaj


Mr. H. B. Jairaj, the Chairman of HRB Group of companies, is a prominent industrialist from Karnataka. Mr Jairaj has guided his group of organizations into successful ventures across diverse enterprises. At Indus, he is at the helm of strategic and financial planning, helping to pave our way up on the list of best schools in Pune.

Dr. Kumar Malavalli


Dr. Kumar Malavalli is an entrepreneur, renowned philanthropist and a visionary in the field of storage networks. Trustee to Indus International Schools, he has been instrumental in promoting the entrepreneurship curriculum and wellness philosophy of the school are significant.

He is the co-author and driving force behind Fibre Channel, an evolutionary technology that enabled the development of production-class Storage Area Networks (SAN’s). He is also the Co-founder and former CTO of Brocade Communications; Co-founder, Chairman and CSO of InMage Systems and the CSO of LeadFormix. In February 2003, he was inducted into the Silicon Valley Engineering Council’s Hall of Fame for his significant contributions towards technology. Kumar’s philanthropy in the field of education extends from digital learning centres in rural India to American institutions for higher education. He also established the 'Kumar Malavalli Endowed Chair' in Storage Systems Research at the University of California, Santa Cruz and co-founded Indus Scholastic Management Services.

Professor. Shivram Malavalli


Currently the Chairman of Indian Institute of Production Engineers, Senior Advisor at World Association of Small & Medium Enterprises and General Secretary of the Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks Association. Professor. Shivram Malavalli guides all the ICT and Telecommunication initiatives at Indus.

He was honoured in China for his contribution to the growth of small and medium enterprises, both in India and abroad, by the World Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (WASME) in China.

Mr. Sushil Mantri


Mr. Sushil Mantri, Chairman & Managing Director of Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd, has transitioned from being an entrepreneur and visionary to an industry trendsetter. Known for his social outreach to the underprivileged, his efforts also include improving the aesthetics of public properties. In the world of realty, housing and construction, his accomplishments are well known.

Mr. Mantri motivates and advises his committed team on all matters concerning governance, infrastructure, business development & budgeting.

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Founder MD & CEO, Indus Trust

A soldier-scholar of the Indian Army, Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.) has a wide range of experiences in matters of defence and conflict management. Deeply committed to social transformation, he is also the CEO/MD of the Indus Trust and provides vision and strategic direction to all Indus International Schools and Institutions.

He is responsible for long-term perspective planning, leadership training, teachers' development programmes, innovation in education, aligning parents with children and community, and implementing the Trust's social responsibilities. Under his leadership, Indus International has become a premier institution in Pune.

General Ray graduated from the prestigious Staff College at Camberley, UK, and served as India’s Deputy Military Advisor in London. On his last assignment prior to retirement, he commanded the newly raised 14 Corps in Ladakh. His success in forestalling insurgency in the region by winning over alienated communities into the nation's mainstream was nationally and internationally acclaimed.

Prior to building and leading one of the top boarding schools in India, as a part of Operation Sadbhavana (Goodwill), he set up 13 schools, 11 Women's Empowerment Centers, and 60 Adult Education Centers for non-literate women along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. He provided free education and pastoral care to 125 Ladakhi girls in Pune colleges.

In his second calling – International school education – he is of the firm belief that the purpose of education in the 21st century is to prepare the child for life. Teachers must facilitate a nurturing environment to draw out the potential in every child, especially in residential schools in India, which are a home away from home.

He deemed this possible, by instilling in teachers and students core leadership competencies, such as innovation, persuasive communication, critical thinking, grit and more. This equips them to design their future in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous). It is a vision that sets the bar high among the world’s top International Schools.

Under his leadership, thirteen institutions including the three IB Schools, Indus Altum International School affiliated, to Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), the School of Leadership, the Indus Training and Research Institute, ‘Start-up you’ school, Five Early Learning Centres, and the International Community School, which is the world’s first equal opportunity school, have been set up.

IB World has recently acknowledged General Ray as one of six IB World School Leaders for rethinking education and making a high-quality education affordable to the underprivileged. Education World has named him one of the 50 game-changers in the education scenario in India. He was also awarded the White Swan Education Award for the ‘Most Influential Leader 2015-16’, in India. With his radical vision, Indus International has become an example for schools in Bangalore and throughout the country.

General Ray also won the Brainfeed Lifetime Achievement Award (2017-18) for his outstanding contribution to the field of education by elevating standards in imparting quality education to next generation learners.

General Ray has three interests – reading, writing, and speaking on leadership. His first book, Kashmir Diary: The Psychology of Military, helps to understand the mind and motivation of a terrorist. The second book, Peace is Everybody’s Business: Strategy for Conflict Prevention, is a treatise in conflict-prevention and has just been published by SAGE Publications. This book was inspired by General Ray’s experience in bringing lasting peace in Ladakh.

Lt. General Arjun Ray has been awarded the Education Today Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 for his highly acclaimed contribution in the field of education. He is an exemplary learner, teacher and leader with a vision and strategies to bring innovation in education.

For more information on General Ray, you may please visit. www.generalarjunray.com

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Mr. Sandeep Chhabra

Principal, Indus International School Pune

Mr. Sandeep Chhabra has over 35 years of experience in the field of education. An alumnus of the Wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie, and a post-graduate in Chemistry, he also holds a bachelor's degree in Education.

He started his educational career with Yadavindra Public School, Patiala as a Chemistry Educator and went on to become Head of Science faculty, House Master, Chairman of Games Committee, In charge of Activities and finally as Vice Principal. Post his stint at YPS he was instrumental in establishing two boarding schools in Dehradun and Chandigarh.

He joined the Indus Trust Pune in 2013 as Director Curriculum and Teacher Development and then moved to Pune as the Principal of Indus International School. He is regularly invited to speak at various prominent educational conferences. His repertoire includes various curricula, ICSE, CBSE, CISCE, Cambridge accredited programmes – CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education), IBO Accredited programmes- PYP, MYP and DP.

He believes that education should be a fine balance between Academic Excellence and Whole Education. His experience in various positions such as Director Curriculum, Chairman of Games Committee, Head of Activities, House Master has given him hands on and in-depth exposure towards Whole Education. According to him, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Innovation empowers learners to develop the skills they need in order to meet the requirements of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

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Capt. Rajiv Bali (Retd.)

Director Administration

Capt. Rajiv Bali has served in the Indian Army for 6 years and was part of the Artillery Regiment. After leaving the Army, he joined the corporate sector and has worked with renowned corporate firms like Amazon and Jones Lang LaSalle.

Capt. Bali is associated with the Indus Family for many years and has efficiently handled the Administration, Boarding and Sports programme at IISP. With his years of rich and diversied experience, we are confident that Capt. Bali will be able to guide us in our key Administrative functioning and help nurture our students in various activities and programs.

Mr. Amar Dixit

Vice Principal

Mr. Dixit holds a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Central Florida, complementing his Bachelor of Engineering. His career has seen him excel in various engineering roles, highlighting his versatility and proficiency. Additionally, he earned a Master of Arts in Education from Azim Premji University. His role as Program Manager at the Leadership Institute for Teachers, Thermax Foundation, Pune, underscores his dedication to teacher development and whole-school improvement.

With extensive experience in both academic and social initiatives, Mr. Dixit brings valuable knowledge and expertise to his new role. His involvement with IB programmes, including PYP, MYP, and DP, showcases his skill in curriculum development and educational leadership. As the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator in Mumbai, Mr. Dixit led the consultation and authorization process, demonstrating his ability to effectively guide and support teams.

Ms. Puja Grover

Head of School – EYP & MYP

Ms. Puja Grover has over 16 years of extensive work experience in the field of primary education and is a strong advocate in the concept of experiential learning and the need for holistic development of every child in their formative years.

During her tenure in different IB schools across the country, she has developed and provided an enriching experience to children in the field of international curriculum. Ms. Puja Grover’s experience now sees her running staff development workshops on various aspects relating to the PYP. She has also effectively collaborated with her team and led them to a successful five year IB evaluation report at Indus International School, Pune.

Mr. Ajay K Tayade

Head of Career Counselling and College Placement

Mr. Ajay K Tayade is currently heading the Career Counselling and College Placement team at the Indus International School Pune. He has vast experience of more than 17 years working with high school students from some of the most reputed institutions in India (The Doon School). Mr. Tayade has completed his undergraduate program in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune. He is a Professionally Certified Career Counselor trained from Teachers College - Columbia University and UCLA. It was his personal experiences in selecting college and career that inspired him to be a Career Counselor and guide students in the most critical decision of their life. Mr. Tayade believes “each student has a ‘signature strength’. We only need to spend time finding that strength”

Mr. Tayade gratefully admires the institutions that he has worked with and believes in learning both from his colleagues as well students. Working with students with immense potential and varied academic abilities is something he enjoys most. His philosophy is to guide each student through this thoughtful journey that emphasizes reflection, discovery, and excitement. Mr. Tayade and his team have seen much success in guiding students right from their subject choices in the MYP through the Diploma Programme. Further, they have conducted University fairs and visits (Indian and International Universities/Colleges), guided students in building their portfolios, helped them on their college applications (including scholarships), and are working closely with Indus families to ensure our students find the right University to continue with their academic pursuit. Mr. Tayade has conducted various Counselor Training sessions and delivered workshops on Career and College Counselling in various national and international conferences.

Mr. Abad Irani

Head of Boarding

Mr. Abad comes with 16 years of experience in heading the Registry and Admissions Department at The International School Bangalore and during that time he has lived in the boarding school. He has experienced the boarder’s life and the benefits that come with it. He began his career in Sales and joined the field of education in 2006, as Registrar of The International School Bangalore. He has been actively involved with student events and activities.

Mr. Abad was the recipient of the Best College Boy Award in 2000. He is an ardent sports enthusiast and has participated and won several accolades at the State and Regional levels in several sports. He was one of the few civilians invited to train professionally at the Armed Force Sports College, Pune. He believes in following the principles and values of a true sportsman such as hard work, dedication, team spirit, perseverance and integrity.

Mr. Abad looks forward to adding value to IISP and to the Indus community, by maintaining the high standards set by the organization, continuing to develop the boarding environment and nurture the students in bringing out the best from within themselves.

Mr. Abad Irani

Head of Admissions & Marketing

Mr. Abad comes with 16 years of experience in heading the Registry and Admissions Department. He began his career in Sales and joined the field of education in 2006, as Registrar of the International School Bangalore. He has led the Registry and Admissions Department and streamlined its processes to ensure that the Department functioned in the most effective and productive manner.

Mr. Abad was the recipient of the Best College Boy Award in 2000. He is an ardent sports enthusiast and has participated and won several accolades at the State and Regional levels in several sports. He was one of the few civilians invited to train professionally at the Armed Force Sports College, Pune. He believes in following the principles and values of a true sportsman such as hard work, dedication, team spirit, perseverance and integrity.

Mr. Abad looks forward to adding value to IISP and to the Indus community, by maintaining the high standards set by the organisation, continuing to innovate and improve the admissions and marketing processes and enhancing the goodwill of the organisation.